Sensor data fusion

Robust environment perception in adverse weather

I recently joined the Radar & Perception software team at Mercedes Benz AG. Looking forward to help bringing Radar and Deep Learning to the forefront of autonomous sytems.

My passion is in the field of self-learning neural networks applied to low-level sensor data, particularly radar signals. The basic idea is to let the algorithms find patterns and correlations without explicit annotations or manual human interference. This allows for the exploitation of an unprecedented amount of information and makes the environment perception for autonomous systems, especially in unfavorable conditions, more reliable. To obtain the sparse point cloud representation of discrete reflection centers that most experts are familiar with, conventional radar processing performs a series of laborious calculations depending on various estimates and prone to rejecting vital details of the measurements. It is thus imperative, to collect the data as close to the sensor as possible to retain a maximum of information and let the neural algorithms extract the essentials on their own. The adjacent image shows a dynamic scene in range-Doppler and camera depiction with superimposed radar targets in red. As a case in point, the reflections of the fourth person in the far right back, present in the original recording, were discarded somewhere along the calculations and are absent from the high-level radar point cloud representation. Relying on the lower-level frequency plots instead retains most of the crucial information concealed within the data, including the fourth reflector. Please have a look at my related projects below and contact me for further details or scientific discussions.

August 01, 2021

GenRadar: Self-supervised Probabilistic Camera Synthesis based on Radar Frequencies

February 19, 2021

The ADUULM-Dataset - A Semantic Segmentation Dataset for Sensor Fusion

October 18, 2020

Reflecting Objects: Which objects in the scene explain the radio frequency spectrum?

October 10, 2018

Tesseract - A multimodal semi-automatic sensor data annotation tool for supervised learning

April 01, 2014

Numerical contact simulation of the mechanical interaction between a parameterized Stent frame model and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms